Actionscript xml validating schema

13-Jun-2020 15:30

You are going to build a standalone viewer for structured documents that conform to the User Manual DTD.This viewer needs to provide a user interface for navigating the content of the User Guide.xml, and it needs to format the content appropriately on screen.Graphics, numbered lists, and tables in the document need to be rendered correctly.At the highest level, you will build the XML viewer sample application from a selection of built-in Flex layout and control components.If you are already familiar with structured documents and how they are represented in XML, you can skip to the section titled Producing the Flex application Every document you read has an implicit structure, that is conveyed via formatting and layout (see Figure 2).

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This article demonstrates how easy it is to develop an XML document viewer in Flex, and then use Adobe AIR to package and deliver the application.Note: This article is a good starting point for someone new to Flex or Adobe AIR, because it provides a walkthrough for how a complete application can be built with surprisingly few lines of code.