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Recently, Vander Groef joined with production supervisor -- and fellow ESF graduate -- Pat Hoffa and sawmill manager Robert Johnson to lead a tour of the operation, from start to finish: The trees -- ash, maple and birch -- come to the sawmill as logs, still carrying bark. The best are cut into billets and sent to a kiln and a drying process that takes 30 to 40 days.Once in the plant, the billets are graded for the quality that goes into big league bats.That abundant crop helped give Upstate batmaking a tradition of prominence in the majors.For the first half of the 20th century, bats made from white ash by Joseph Kren - a skilled craftsman in Syracuse - were sometimes used by such big league legends as Pepper Martin and Al Simmons.And Rick Redman, a Hillerich & Bradsby spokesman, estimates 80 percent of the players in the World Series are using maple."White ash was the tree of choice for a long time," Vander Groef said, "but the last 10 years were a turning point."While Rawlings is not as prominent as it once was in the big leagues - Major League Baseball, for 2014, approved the use of 38 different batmakers - the Dolgeville company certainly retains a niche: Such players as Minnesota's Joe Mauer and Matt Kemp of the Dodgers use the bats, and you can find images of Mike Moustakas - now playing third base for Kansas City in the World Series - swinging an Adirondack/Rawlings.

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" What I hope to do in this section is explain the traits of professional model bats and provide information that can help date those bats to particular eras.In the early days of baseball, players made their own bats, which meant they came in all shapes and sizes. Hillerich and his son, Bud, began producing Falls City Slugger bats made from hard white ash.

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