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22-Oct-2020 12:11

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Creatives you should prepare to run on Plug Rush: The landing page is the first creative and we emphasize it for two reasons: it’s your own domain and you can add or change the landers when you want; and second, more importantly - it’s your source of passive income.

Changing the content on landing pages is done for obvious reasons (testing, testing and more testing).

We talked about how you should do your homework and learn about the offers you want to run. If you don’t want to use your own creatives, you can also ask your affiliate network to help! Using the ones from the affiliate network and your own creates a good mix for testing. Same principle applies today, the native ads are easy to create and upload. Their purpose is to blend in with the content of a website.

They have banners to use that have been tested already! Knowing your product means knowing the difference when promoting a mature niche and a gay niche. There are limits to the size of the pictures and the title/description is also limited by the number of characters you can use. They are incorporated into the content of sites so the picture that you choose is crucial to catch the attention of potential customers.

There are many different types on Plug Rush and much traffic to go around. Some interesting GEOs convert dating offers on pops!

When it comes to creatives, there are some rules you should follow: mind the pictures and mind the texts/CTAs. Prepare as many different types as you can based on angles you want to pursue and test.

We recommend: Profit Social, Masters In Cash, i Monetize It For whitelabels we recommend: Masters In Cash & Dating Factory From many programs, we’ve chosen these to show you how a journey starts and where it ends. The crucial part here is to have a plan: Do you want to go with CPA offers? Our main goal with media buying is to test out different features that we have, our internal anti fraud system, publishers traffic quality, etc.

Some of our campaigns have been running for months, some have been recently added. The point is to show you that there is no formula in the world where you can have just one offer/affiliate network/payout type, niche and GEO and run on one type of traffic and become profitable. All of that is an ongoing project with the goal of not losing money but preferably having a status quo or, ideally, being profitable.