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They may struggle with eye contact or fail to understand non-verbal cues.

Someone with Asperger’s might perform repetitive behaviors and be oblivious to the fact that these actions are odd.

People who have Asperger’s can also find CBT rewarding as they start to see their repetitive behaviors decrease.

Strengths Those who live with Asperger’s struggle with particular behaviors, but also excel in certain areas.

Additionally, effective communication can be difficult and lead to problems in daily life.

Asperger's is often not diagnosed until someone starts experiencing serious difficulties at school or work, and remains poorly understood outside of the mental health profession.

Typically used to help a person with Asperger’s better regulate his or her emotions and impulses.

Cognitive behavior therapy helps people change their negative thought patterns so that their behaviors transform from unhealthy to productive.

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Research studies demonstrate that ABA helps people with autism spectrum disorders; however, some people believe that ABA therapy can cause more harm than good to someone on the spectrum.It’s also called “high-functioning autism.” What that means is that someone with Asperger’s has a less severe form of ASD on the spectrum.