Android r class not updating

14-Feb-2020 01:36

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Additionally, KAPT 1.3.30 and higher also support incremental annotation processors, which you can enable by including , the Android Gradle plugin generates a test config file containing absolute paths, which breaks cache relocatability.

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For example, on a sample skeleton project with ~130 modules and a large number of external dependencies (but no code or resources), you can experience performance improvements similar to the following: Some of these changes break existing builds.

D8 shouldn't change your day-to-day app development workflow.

However, if you experience any issues related to the new compiler, please report a bug.

* `android_merged_manifest`: the absolute path to the merged manifest file.

* `android_merged_resources`: the absolute path to the merged resources directory, which contains all the resources from the module and all its dependencies.

This page explains how to keep your Gradle tools up to date and what's in the recent updates.

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