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How to win the gold trophy in the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Fishing Tourney!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has two new animals that want to join the camping fun!

Bloomin' Booty with Kapp'n: Everything you need to know!

The folks working on our favorite animal camping kingdom are really paying attention to what we want. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Tips & Tricks Fishing is considered a relaxing sport, but not if you're trying to win the gold trophy.

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Collect Gyroidite nuggets throughout the campground and use them to craft adorable clothing to celebrate a wedding at the campgrounds. It's all about gathering materials (Gyroidites), which can be found in all campground locations and then using them to craft the clothing items listed in the Events section.Here's everything you need to know about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.There's a new garden event happening right now and it's bursting with sunshine.Crafting special items will yield Leaf Ticket rewards, which is good since some of the wedding outfits can't be crafted using Gyroidite nuggets, but cost Leaf Tickets instead.

This limited time event lasts 10 days, ending June 29.Digby needs help finding busy buzzing creatures called Bumblecubes.