Apple and the options backdating scandal of the past decade

23-Dec-2019 00:25

apple and the options backdating scandal of the past decade-8

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In fact, after I wrote a piece about Abramson’s ouster, I got a plethora of emails from strong women who almost continually are on the receiving end of the same kind of thing at their workplace.

Guess what — most of us ladies have somehow managed to deal with it without having to throw back similar gutter invective.

And, judging from Apple’s success, there is no way you can separate her work from contributing in a significant way over the years.

That some say the products have shined in spite of her is a canard.

Full disclosure: Both Walt Mossberg and I have always had a good relationship with Cotton, and Apple’s top leaders, most notably Jobs, have appeared at our events to talk about where Apple was headed.

That includes this past week, with this Code Conference interview with Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine about the Beats deal. ) Was she vocal when she did not like something we did? (So are Microsoft’s Frank Shaw and Google’s Rachel Whetstone, both of whom can throw a pretty decent uppercut when they are not happy with something we have written.) That kind of hard driving is part and parcel to the business, even if she was harder driving and, because of that, more successful than most.

At the company, work starts on the Apple III and the Lisa, while Jef Raskin begins writing At WWDC 2005, Steve Jobs announces that Apple is going to switch away from Motorola's and IBM's Power PC architectures, and use Intel processors in its future Macs instead.

apple and the options backdating scandal of the past decade-12

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Sometimes that has been very controversial — largely around accusations that she lied during the protracted illness of co-founder and CEO Jobs, an issue over which she threw a pretty big cloak in what was an unusual and difficult situation.To my mind — and you can accuse me of being in some fictional tank for Apple all you like — Cotton was a strong and unwavering proponent for the company and did that using techniques that she felt were best for the company and its charismatic leader, Jobs. We often forget she worked for most of her career for him, and this is also how he wanted the communications around Apple to be.