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They first appeared in the Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon series in 1983.

The later appeared in the 2009 film Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, and the 2011 film Alvin and…

Well Alvin is the leader of the chipmunks which is why it is called Alvin and the chipmunks!

However, Brittany is the leader of the chippettes as you can tell if you watch Alvin and the chipmunks: The Squeakuel! The Chipettes are named Jeanette, Brittany, and Eleanor.

Here presented 55 Alvin Drawing images for free to download, print or share.

Learn how to draw Alvin pictures using these outlines or print just for coloring.

Now, quit acting like a baby and go freshen up.""What if I don't?! Sorry, Simon.""It's okay, Theodore." At that moment, Alvin walked into the kitchen."Are you happy? Seriously, you need to stop acting so immature.""Don't you know me by now, Simon? As he turned to walk to class, he accidentally bumped into someone. His heart dropped at the sight of the chipmunk, and started to feel funny. I forgot how famous we were." The chipmunk laughed then looked at Alvin with a smile on her face."My name's Brittany. Today, at lunch, why don't you and your sisters eat with me and my brothers? Alvin smiled as he walked to his class, lovestruck. All he could think of was seeing her at lunch, and hopefully, seeing her everyday. While the other students left, he stayed to talk to his teacher."Alvin, you looked like you were in la-la land this period. ""Love." Alvin's teacher looked at Alvin with a positive expression."I suspected as much. ""Brittany.""Well, Alvin there's not much advice I can give you, but even though this Brittany has struck your heart, you still have to pay attention and do work.""Okay. Go to lunch.""Thank you, sir." Alvin wasted no time and rushed to the lunchroom. At the house, Simon was finishing up some math homework, while Theodore was in the living room watching Meercat Manor on Animal Planet.

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Note: This story is in the CGI format mixed with the cartoon, meaning the Chipmunks and Chipettes are the same height as they are in the cartoon. The alarm was ringing the same time it did everyday; A. Alvin was struggling to get up, so Simon had to drag him out. " Alvin ran to the bathroom, while Simon stood laughing with his arms crossed."Works every time." With no other word, Simon rushed to the kitchen for breakfast. He was acting like a baby this morning, so I had to drag him out of bed."Dave looked over at Alvin who had a fake smile of innocence on his face."Alvin, you need to stop acting so immature.""Dave, I was up until midnight doing homework.""That's no excuse. Alvin and his brothers walked up to the school's front doors, and opened them. Brittany introduced Jeanette and Eleanor to Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.

I need feedback, so please leave reviews:) Other then that, enjoy! Now, hurry up and eat your breakfast.""Okay, Dave, and sorry about all the trouble I caused this morning, Simon.""It's okay, Alvin."Alvin said nothing else and ate his breakfast. " Alvin had wondered if he'd used the right words, but now all he could do is await Brittany's response."Yes. ""Like you, I was just wondering." They both giggled, blushing doing so.