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They only said that the source claimed that Deelishis had i Cloud on her phone and it got hacked, leaving all her pictures open to the public long enough for a hacker to download them. Or did someone she sent those pictures to leak them on purpose?Thankfully for all parties involved, the world may never know.Much like another VH1 show Deelishis was featured on the show as sexy, curvy, and willing to go after what she wanted.She reportedly wanted a real relationship and future with Flavor Flav, but the two split pretty soon after the end of the second season.A series of unfortunate events led to the business being closed, but he’s in the process of reopening this year.In May of 2011, he was arrested due to outstanding misdemeanors for driving violations, and almost a year later he might face legal trouble for not paying child support. In his first season, he dwindled down the competition of twenty women to Nicole Alexander, a woman he dubbed as Hoopz.After Flavor of Love, Hoopz was featured in over a dozen magazines and gossiped to be linked to some of the top names in Hip Hop. When Brooke Thompson appeared on the first season of “Flavor of Love,” she probably didn’t realize that she would fall into eternal infamy when her tensions between fellow reality contestant, New York, got her so mad that she could spit. Being eliminated off of the show for having a past in reality television, she continued to do more reality television.To show her acting chops she appeared in Lil’ Boosie’s and Webbie’s movie, , but she went back to her reality roots when she competed and won in the VH1 spin-off “I Love Money.” Now, she travels the world with her A-List, retired basketball boyfriend, Shaquille O’Neal. Appearing in VH1’s “Flavor of Love Girls Charm School” and “I Love Money.” In 20o6 she did a reality show for Playboy television, entitled “Foursome,” where her, fellow VH1 alum, Heat (from “I Love New York”), Dunbar from “Real World Australia,” and one other person I don’t know, participated in the wholesome acts that make Playboy television a channel that you pay an extra .99 a month for. Her antics are what drew viewers in, and honestly, was the reason that I bought seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.

She is known to have modeled for several American model companies and magazines and has been in several music videos, the most famous being a lollipop on Lil Wayne’s music video “.” More recently, she has started a musical path by launching her debut single “Rumpshaker.” She is also planning on releasing her first album “Love, Deelishis.”Despite her efforts to make a name for herself, Deelishis is most commonly remembered for her role in the second season of VH1’s .

According to some sources, she has been dating a 16-year-old boy still in Highschool and he is actively involved in her children’s lives.