Bungie armor not updating

07-Aug-2020 09:40

Each day, the event will feature one of the three elements: Solar, Arc, and Void.Elemental kills will award you with Elemental Orbs.Bungie’s latest event for Destiny 2 is now live and playable on PS4 and Xbox One.The Solstice of Heroes update is available to download on all platforms and includes new loot to unlock.

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first launched to critical acclaim for the ways Bungie made the game more player-friendly and less dependent on repetitive, mind-numbing activities, but the developer made a number of near-fatal mistakes in the process, like watering down the game’s competitive multiplayer and a lack of end-game content, that almost lost it its most hardcore fans.

The key points are: "I like hand cannons," Smith told Polygon.

"And so I might put two hand cannon reloader [mods] on my gloves that stack and work together." I love that the mods will stack.

That said, the way Bungie is positioning these announcements makes it sound like this could be the biggest, most dramatic departure from how its developed, released, and sold games in its history as a game developer.

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On Bungie’s stream, the company constantly referred to Destiny as a massively multiplayer online game (MMO), and that’s not something we’ve heard from the company before.According to Bungie, Solstice of Heroes armour sets will need to be upgraded from their “Drained” Uncommon state to their “Renewed” Rare state.“Completing the armour upgrade process will grant you the “Majestic” Legendary set,” Bungie adds.“To upgrade the armour, Guardians must complete a variety of objectives on each armour piece before advancing to the next set.

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