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There are no data on how gender affects treatment outcomes.

However, since men and women manifest hypersexuality through the same symptoms, it is likely that treatment strategies would be the same for all genders.

The most common triggers were: Brain Chemistry Research suggests people with sex addiction may have neurochemical differences in their brain’s reward center.

Chemicals released during sex, such as dopamine and oxytocin, may create a "high" similar to that obtained from the use of drugs or alcohol.

Sex addiction can interfere with one’s social life, physical health, and emotional well-being.

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Estimates suggest between 12 to 30 million Americans experience some kind of sexual compulsion.

There is no one trait known to cause sex addiction.

However, research does point to several contributing factors.

A person may develop an addiction to this pleasure, requiring more sex to get the same feeling.

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Hormones Androgen is a sex hormone that affects libido.

They might make repeated attempts to reduce their sexual dependency but fail to make progress. They may deny they have a sex addiction even when their behavior causes the loss of intimate relationships, family, or friends.

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