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22 ★ ★ January 27, 2006 ' - , Anti-Abortion Politics and Slashed Budgets Undermine Women's Health Care by Jordan Smith p.26 nil Qm CTrocp n cm Dell A942 All-In-One Photo Printer fl Color Copier 1 Scanner 1 Refurfrlsliid Dell Latitude C600 Pill 1GHZ, 256MB RAM 20GB HDD, 14” LCD Windows 2000 Pro Pralnadarf Built In Card Reader Photo Preview Display Laptop AC Adaptors Apple USB Keyboards Original P/lac Colors Available Computer Package - 667tnhz Pill 17” Monitor & More^v Or Lass! JANUARY 27, 2006 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I 3 contents VOL. 22 JANUARY 27, 2006 6 PAGE TWO Earth, Stones, and Thorns of the Wild Ground Growing 8 POSTMARKS This week’s topics include KUT, that party-crashing Karen Sonleitner, much respect for Thin Lizzy, and more @0 “Postmarks Forum” and “Postmarks Online” - updated (almost) daily NEWS 15 District 48 Contest Recap and Breakdown; Cap Metro’s Latest Labor Woes; and More POINT AUSTIN Town Lake ‘Chinatown’?

Mc Afee Vlrus Scan 2005 Ml MB Dimension 3000 -3 P4 2.4GHZ, 256MB | 20GB HDD, CDRW No Operating System Is Your Company Upgrading? 25 THE HIGHTOWER REPORT Bush Tries to Squelch Democracy; and the Scandal Is Deeper Than Abramoff 26 THE NEW TEXAS FAMILY PLANNING Slashed budgets and anti-abortion politics undermine women’s health care BY JORDAN SMITH ARTS 31 Cabaret Star Karen Mason Promises the Sweetest of Nights; Sharir Bustamante Takes Questions From the Crowd; and Time to Light 250 Candles on Mozart’s Cake THEATRE 32 OF CACTUSES, CRICKETS, AND CARS Cataloging the diverse wonders of Frontera Fest Long Fringe 2006 36 AFTER A FASHION Stephen gets caught, and wants to buy Drew a bra 37 BOOK REVIEW Tristan Egolf’s Kornwolf FOOD 39 REVELATORY VEGAN Marveling at the Nu Age Cafe’s ambitious but uneven menu BY KATE THORNBERRY FOOD-O-FILE Hill Country Wine & Food Fest Boots ‘Saveur’ 40 REVIEWED Nubian Queen Lola’s Cajun Kitchen, Chantilly Bakery Cafe 42 RESTAURANT ROULETTE Recently reviewed, plus a spin around our Restaurant Guide SCREENS 47 Puppets, Punk, and Manson as Messiah: John Roecker on Live Freaky!

(First in a series) TRUE AMERICAN VISIONS: RIGHT WING POETRY, OUR READERS WRITE: “A Warm Welcome to the Struggle” You are guilty of astounding ignorance You and your fellow travelers Advocating ideologies Any rational person would find Mortally reprehensible - Neoleftist Utopians, moral-Relativist Marxists, suicidal pacifist, chic anarchists Mired in the fever swamp of pathological naivete.54 JERRY LYNN WILLIAMS The Lone Ranger of Lone Star songwriters - unmasked!BY BILL BENTLEY 58 TEXAS PLATTERS The Gourds, White Ghost Shivers, Box Car Preachers, plus Bun B and the Paul Green School of Rock’s The Wall live, ‘Bonus Tracks,’ and more. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Austin Chronicle, PO Box 49066, Austin, TX 78765.Proud and ideologically fearless, these poets honor the past.

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No political correct- ness or common decency is allowed to stand in the way of aesthetic: holier- than- thee-and-thou, poetic preaching.SMARTY PANTS Where to hula in Honolulu, and who is Chuck U. 127 THE COMMON LAW Small claims court etiquette 130 CAR TALK During a freeze, the question is: to brake or not to brake? Carnaval j CTi Austin Town Lake nrbi biv^n Austin’s flew Rock ALTERNATIVE BEST FOOD, BEST SERVICE, BEST AMBIANCE Healthy food such as 10 Rolls of Sushi, Nigiri Sushi, Lots of Salads, Seafoods, Kushiyaki, Udon, All Kinds of Chinese Dishes: Sesame Chicken, Etc. NOW HIRING ALL STAFF “Best Buffet” 8 Years Running -Austin Chronicle Vote | South Austin \ | North Austin | | Round Rock \ Kitten 4608 Westgate Blvd. JANUARY 28, 2006 | 8PM | WALDORF PERFORMING ARTS CENTER | 8702 SOUTH VIEW ROAD TICKETS: . I hardly feel attached to my body I’m in the most limited contact possible with the ever annoying I of I, who never really seems to shut up.