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20-Jun-2020 05:32

He was a former alcoholic, but although he quit drinking in 1979, the years of abuse took their toll decades later, and although he survived the papillary thyroid cancer in 2002 and then several other cancers, Ebert died in 2013, 11 years after he was diagnosed.[on David Lean] It is true Lean was not a rebel.

In 1972, Ebert co-hosted the television show called “Sneak Previews” in which he reviewed films, joined three years later by Gene Siskel, and the pair became famous for their thumbs up and thumbs down reviews.The United States Supreme Court concurred, holding collectively in 1967 that Virginia’s and comparable laws were unconstitutional.

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Only missed the three years I was in the Army,,, Have moved around a little LBI when I was younger, then Margate, then Avalon for 40 years now back to LBI..… continue reading »

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