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21-Sep-2019 15:24

To be straightforward and honest, I have received some general admonitions from Pope Benedict when he was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.In a book on dealing with other religions, he mentioned me as one of the people who represent a tendency that could easily slip into relativism.I hope I’m not generalizing here too much, but I think a lot of it has to do with the dissatisfaction that many of us Christians feel with a God who is all out there, a God who is totally other than I, the God who stands outside of me and confronts me.I think we’re searching for ways of realizing the mystery of the divine of God in a way in which it is more a part of our very selves. How can it have significance for a theistic religion like Christianity?So the matter in the sacrament of silence is our breath, being aware of our breath, being one with our breath, doing nothing else but breathing.A number of times in the book, you quote Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese monk.What was missing was captured in an experience I had back in 1986 or ’87 when I did a Zen retreat with Roshi Bernie Glassman.

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I think I’m a pretty reputable member of the Catholic Theological Society of America. My relationship with the church is, as far as I can judge, good.I’m working in an area that is quite controversial, namely how Christianity can understand itself in the light of other religions.

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