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ack White pulls his black Ford pickup truck to the curb on a quiet, tree-lined street in his native Detroit and hits the ‘play’ button on the cd player in the cherry-red dashboard.

he turns the volume up to deafening and grins proudly as howitzer-fire drumming and squeals of distorted guitar rattle the windshield.

is also their boldest record, combining the Stripes’ whiplash rock and Jack’s passion for vintage blues and country music with a gothic-roadhouse tension scored with grand piano and marimba.

“There is an authenticity about everything Jack does,” says T Bone Burnett, who produced Jack’s solo tracks on the soundtrack to the 2003 film drums and devised the band’s peppermint-stripe color scheme. “I’m just a very shy person,” Meg confesses at lunch, although she defends the primal quality of her drumming with sweet firmness. A lot of drummers would feel weird about being that simplistic.” Born John Gillis in 1975, Jack (who took Meg’s surname when they married) actually started out as a drummer, at age five. In high school, Jack, a Catholic, seriously thought of entering the priesthood.

He speaks at high speed, his brown eyes looking directly at you like derringer barrels, and his laugh is a series of short, sharp bangs, like a string of firecrackers going off.

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Jack soon found that underground cool came at a price. “Then our second album [] came out, and it was ‘Oh, they’re not that good anymore.’ When we hit the mainstream, I had to go through that game all over again, on a worldwide scale.” Jack may be a reluctant star, but he is a fireball in conversation.

“He was in two other bands when we started this one.