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In addition to increasing your balance, consolidating your super accounts reduces your paperwork and makes it easier to track your super. (Keep in mind that while consolidating makes sense for most of those in defined-contribution plans, it is a more complicated decision for participants in defined-benefit plans.If you are in a defined-benefit plan, consult with an advisor to determine whether reducing accounts is wise.) Before you consolidate, find out whether your super fund charges exit fees and review how any changes will impact the insurance you may have through super.In fact the ATO’s database shows that 1.2 million people are members of three or more super funds.New research from the Association of Superannuation Funds Australia (ASFA) in November 2016 has found that more people than ever before are consolidating their super, showing that industry campaigns are working.Also, check whether changing funds will affect how much your employer contributes.Then, look for a diversified, low-cost fund that matches your risk tolerance and time horizon.Last year the Australian Productivity Commission estimated that a 21-year old with a full-time starting salary of ,000 and an average insurance premium of 0 would have 3,000 in her super by age 67 if she has only one account. About one in three member accounts is an unintended multiple, according to the Productivity Commission, and they cost members about .6 billion annually.

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However, people have been found to have multiple super accounts.It may be a super plan you already participate in, or a new one you find by comparing funds. If you are not sure how many super accounts you have, you can find out and continue tracking your super with this tool from the Australian Tax Office.Written by Robin Bowerman, Head of Corporate Affairs at Vanguard.If I offered you a year's pay for an hour or so of work, you would probably jump at the opportunity.

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But many people unwittingly walk away from that opportunity when they maintain multiple super accounts.

New accounts may have been established as you changed jobs, or you may work more than one job, each with their own super plan.

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