Crazy wild dating

18-Dec-2019 01:21

They would say they were going to do one thing and then do the complete opposite, or tell me what they like in a guy, but then go for a guy that doesn’t match anything that she would say at all.

First things first: I think everybody can be crazy as all hell at times.Maybe you want to change yourself or your partner or the relationship.You’re looking for answers because of a feeling you have. There is nothing wrong with accepting that you’re emotional since we’re all emotional.Other’s understand that most things are out of your control.

This is why those that try to control and change relationships is a mistake.

I have enough experience that if I’m to call someone crazy, they have to do something insanely out of the ordinary… It’s really important stuff because if you’re having trouble keeping women calm and loving towards you, then I guarantee you’re making this mistake.