Cvs remove sticky tag without updating

02-Jan-2020 08:35

The first version of your file is version 1.1, the next version is 1.2, and so on.

When branches are involved, extra numbers are appended, so you might end up with something like the ) in a project with lots of files and commits, you’d see an individual history for each file.

There are a couple different ways to go about bringing code into CVS, but this is the method recommended by $ cvs status cvs status: Examining .

=================================================================== File: Status: Up-to-date Working revision: 2018-07-06 -0400 Repository revision: /Users/sinclairtarget/sandbox/colors/favorites.txt,v Commit Identifier: f D7GYxt035GNg8JA Sticky Tag: (none) Sticky Date: (none) Sticky Options: (none) This is where things start to look alien. In the above, there is something called a “Commit Identifier,” but this might be only a relatively recent edition—no mention of a “Commit Identifier” appears in , in CVS files are versioned separately.

The CVS backend, the central store for all your code, is called the repository.

Whereas in Git you would typically have a repository for every project, in CVS the repository holds all of your projects. Let’s say that you’ve decided to keep a list of your favorite colors.

In order to edit a file, you have to first ask RCS for an exclusive lock on the file, which you keep until you are finished editing.

If someone else is already editing a file you need to edit, you have to wait.

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The last two arguments specify the vendor tag and the release tag respectively. You’ve just pulled your “colors” project into the CVS repository.

So I invite you to come along with me on an exciting journey and spend the next ten minutes of your life learning about a piece of software nobody has used in the last decade.