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Days are short and sometimes the wind rattles the house and cold sneaks through the cracks.I turn on my computer, open my most recent WIP and suddenly, I’m in a different place. ) two and you look like you’re walking down the runway of a cheap strip club. Okay, now you’re ready to go out and meet your public. Place one hand out to side, palm facing the floor (one hand only! You want to be able to see the little people not step on them. Bright sunlight is better so your fake diamonds glitter. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for a pile-up because you’ve blinded everyone. The locale is usually warm and sunny and exciting stuff is happening – a little romance, a little danger.

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I bet you were thinking every hair had to be in place. For now, just concentrate on lower-level, believe me, it will still be worth it. In fact, they can be quite irate, but enough about that little incident. Beth kept it and two decades later, it resurfaces, and so does Michael.