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Any written agreement between an agent and a salesperson is conclusive so far as it expressly states that the relationship between the agent and the salesperson is that of employer and independent contractor.

If subsection (4) applies, the name of the person must not be removed from the panel until any current matters that the person is considering as a member of a Committee have been disposed of by the length of time that has elapsed between the date when the subject matter of the complaint arose and the date when the complaint was made is such that an investigation of the complaint is no longer practicable or desirable; or Despite anything in subsection (1), the Committee may, in its discretion, decide not to take any further action on a complaint if, in the course of the investigation of the complaint, it appears to the Committee that, having regard to all the circumstances of the case, any further action is unnecessary or person to whom a notice under that subsection is to be given has failed to comply with a previous request to produce to the Committee, within a reasonable time, the papers, documents, records, or things required by the notice; and A person who receives a notice under section 85 must, without charge, comply with the requirement stated in the notice in the manner and within the period (being not less than 10 working days after the notice is given to the person) specified in the notice.