Dating alvarez acoustic guitars

22-May-2020 18:30

Certainly not in the middle of a world tour, or just before the long-awaited bio-pic of your life is to be released.

But such was the case when Sir Elton Johns guitarist of 47 years, Davey Johnstone, was recently sidelined with a shoulder injury requiring surgery and significant recovery time.

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These beautifully-crafted instruments feature artistic inlay designs that will never again be repeated.The Alvarez 5019 Midnight Special was a mid-range dreadnought acoustic guitar, with spruce multi-ply soundboard.The back and sides of the body were made from mahogany and the neck was nato.Tonewood that has been naturally seasoning for this amount of time is coveted by luthiers around the world, and this discovery led to the release of the Yairi Honduran line of guitars which debuted in 2018.

This is a list of Alvarez Artist Series guitars (with 4 digit model numbers) that are no longer in production.

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