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17-Sep-2020 17:11

However, within a few months you’ll find yourself fat, lonely and miserable (and successful). You’re single and alone right now, but you’re happy and proud of yourself. I challenge you to take a moment and set up some “would you rather” hypotheticals for some of your biggest drives and desires in your life and see what answers comes up.

If you decide becoming the most infamous jewelry thief is your definition of success, then you may find yourself in jail or shot. What you’ll notice is that shifting your external measurements of success and into internal states of happiness and meaning will lead to a much more purposeful and happy life.

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Sallie Krawcheck was given 20 minutes from the time she was told, until the announcement went out.” Or for those of you who feel like they always need to be dating somebody: “Would you rather be in a toxic relationship or be alone and emotionally healthy and happy?” These “would you rather” hypotheticals are powerful tools because they can show you what your true measurement of success is.Your metrics of success leads to your long-term real life consequences and they determine how you think and If you create some hypothetical either/or’s or “would you rather” situations, it can quickly help you sort out your real priorities.

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If you want to become a Dating Coach, this kit is for you... Our Relationship Coach Starter Kit gives you all the information you need to determine if becoming a dating coach is a good fit for you.We are constantly trying to compare ourselves to see how we measure up to those around us. I wish my boss acknowledged me like he does with Steve.

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