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Thanks to your site, I have read a lot of material that has only confirmed long time suspicions that something is both by former PCG members.

It was humiliating and depressing to realize that I had put faith in a man called Gerald Flurry who turned out to be a plagiarist and a liar whose only concern is for financial gain and power.

Stephen Flurry's tells how the WCG stole the goods produced on the backs of tithe payers.

What about all the money given to build PCG's college and auditorium and houses on the grounds?

Someone at ESN was kind enough to email me and that put the nail in the coffin of the "cult of Armstrong" as far as I am concerned.

It sickens me to think I put a sexually immoral, thieving pervert on such a high pedestal.

As he relaxed backstage, his color returned and he was able to catch his breath more easily.

Approximately five minutes later, services were concluded with a hymn and closing prayer by Stephen Flurry.

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I (and another sound man) were verbally assaulted by one of Ron Fraser's sons at the FOT for a technical mistake we made in setting the sound up.January 6, 2014 Hello ESN, I too have been wondering lately what will happen when GF dies.How will they backtrack to explain the "eras" and "passing of the baton" then?My family and I have suffered a great deal emotionally, financially, socially, etc., at the hands of the PCG ministry.

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In truth, to say that my life has almost been ruined in many ways would not be too much of an exaggeration.Perhaps someday I will even be able to reunite with my children that I love and miss dearly.