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Hence, if you see a couple of bumble bees in your vicinity, do not wave your arms about wildly.

Just stand still and they will move away gently once they smell that you're not a flower with nectar and pollen.

The workers that emerge then, can fly in weather that is very cool, and this makes them very valuable pollinators.

While the body of a honey bee is wasp-shaped, that of a bumble bee is furry and round.

The drones, which hatch in the middle of summer, do not possess any stingers at all.

Only worker and queen bumble bees possess stingers. A single Queen can lay about 8 - 12 eggs at a time, which it does in spring.

Some of the crops that the bumble bees regularly pollinate include apples, cherries, currants, sunflowers, clovers, cotton, celery, fennel, tomatoes, gherkins, and mustard, besides others.

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Unlike the honey bee, the bumble bee does not lose its stinger or dies if it uses it.

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