Dating former high school classmate

27-Jun-2020 12:48

YTA and so is your 'boyfriemd ' Half his age plus seven. 35 is the youngest he can date YTA without it being creepy. Vanessa and I were in-between being friends-acquaintances during high-school and I occasionally hung-out at her home when here dad was present.We exchanged messaged, he asked me out and we initially kept it casual but recently we decided to be exclusive. For context: My dad died when I was 4 and I had no male influence/role-model for my entire upbringing. You're in a relationship with two consenting adults.After high school graduation Vanessa and I lost touch and had absolutely no contact for years.

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If she is going to take it poorly, time will only make it worse.

NAH - As a 50yo dad, I can say there'd be nothing better than a relationship like you describe.

Not sugar daddy; but with love like a father gives a daughter, adding in sex and sensuality of younger woman whose attention on the older man would validate him as a successful male of the tribe (if we were ancient, pre-developed-society beings that is) and all the while he protects and spoils the younger female, like all girls should be spoiled.

Everything else was fairly normal - but you pointing out that you have lacked male role-models in your life, and are dating someone old enough to be your Dad are saying that you ​ I'd say NAH until you went this way and started making it weird.

So you're saying you have daddy issues and he's basically your father figure?Vanessa and I were in-between being friends-acquaintances during high-school and I occasionally hung-out at her home when here dad was present.

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