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Messianic Covenant Congregations and Stewards are always featured at the top of our directory, along with their logo (300 pixels wide) and a quick link to their location's (Google or Bing) map page. We've listed these congregations in an attempt to help connect Messianic believers with one another. And we remember that our Messiah fulfilled the law and gave us the ultimate commandment of love. Those that agree with our Statement of Faith are marked as Verified, MCC Steward, or MCC Congregation. We are mindful of the biblical feasts, observant of the holy days and respectful of the commandments.We believe in and teach the true Name of the Heavenly Father of YHVH, (Yahweh).We also proclaim the Son, who was originally named Yah Shua, a name that means "Yahweh is salvation." The Savior's mission is reflected in His Name, to bring the message of salvation to earth.

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Family is most important to our mission of restoration. We are a fellowship who honors key principles of the Old Testament for theological, practical or cultural reasons, while also walking in the unconditional love and grace of the New Testament. Dade to serve the individual spiritual needs of Hebrew Christian and Messianic Jewish believers.Contact: Nathanael & Irene Phone: 832-435-7275 Email: Adat Shalom is a congregation of believers, both Jews and Gentiles, who have joined together for the main purpose of reaching out to the Jewish community with the good news of the Jewish Messiah.

Phone: (972) 271-4976 Website: We are a messianic congregation formed from an uncompromising stand on the Scriptures.

As we grow we will continue to see ways that we might strengthen all areas of the biblical family.