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15-Oct-2020 02:54

He assessed her long, board-straight hair he wanted tickling his abdomen while her raspberry lips encircled his dick and he pinched the nipples of her “melons” into bullets.Marisa waggled her head, a catlike smile curving her lips.

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Kittens and puppies could rain down upon San Jose if it produced specimens of the male species like her knight in shining Armani armor.Marisa had not spent nearly enough time consoling Lily after her father’s recent death and the entire upheaval of Lily’s life from San Diego to San Jose. She wasn’t an empath who sensed emotions and feelings. Telepathy already topped the list of her undesirable traits from the men she dated.The sensation of eyes trailing her as she disembarked the plane and walked into the terminal sent ants scampering up her spine. Was she gaining a shift in her psychic makeup, or did she possess awakening abilities? Once she discovered he’d never get past the fact that she was a self-dependent lawyer and made a crapton more money than he did, she kicked him to the curb.An alien lifeform otherwise known as her alter ego—Evil Eddie.

Rain, sunshine, or evil, San Jose promised a respite from the senseless malevolence while she stepped in as assistant counsel at depositions for her law firm’s top client and also caught up with her best friend, Lily Falbrooke.“Officer Radisson.” She nodded at his name tag and covered her nose from the cheap cologne he marinated in.

It is situated on the Tura river and is also connected with the Trans-Siberian Railway.… continue reading »

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