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05-Jan-2020 17:00

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Similar marriage and partnership rituals grew out of this too.Families will choose to reject suiters for a lady from an “incompatible” because of the family’s social status, religious values, financial situation, association with other families that might or might not be of compatible nature.The piece has very insightful analysis about tribes, “meta-tribes” and the complex matter that is marriage in Saudi-Arabia.The problems that arise from tribalism are numerous and seemingly only negatively effect the Saudi woman.I was also picked on for being more westernized as I grew up on lots of american TV and media. When I lived alone in my college years I learned to be proud of who I am, be an individual and not care about what others think, I found acceptance between a great group of friends. I can’t go back to that fool was begging for acceptance from a society that rejected him. It takes me on average a 2 year relationship with a person with constant hanging out to even consider them close friends., if they manage to be my friend for that long.I also have a very specific way of life and a set of beliefs that finally made me a happy person.In reality the strong tribal practices in Saudi-Arabia today have negative effects on everyone on all levels of society. More from Anonymous Saudi: Darbawiya-The Saudi Punks.

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What I thought makes this post special is the fact that Saudi men are usually private about these personal affairs and we hardly get a glimpse into the depths of their minds. It might not be a term you can google as I have coined it lately.

This is just about talking about neighboring families in the same city, imagine how it would be if a suitor was from another country.