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Shortly before the body was discovered, the murderer had again returned to the body and moved the body a further three feet.

Two days after the remains had been identified as those of Mary Fleszar, a young man claiming to be a friend of the Fleszar family arrived at the funeral home holding Fleszar's body prior to her scheduled burial.

by Marilyn Zerlak directed by Laurie Smalis featuring Jan Artushin, Tom Artushin & Barb Mathers Ruth, a middle-aged widow, has re-entered the dating scene and decides to shake things up a bit, starting with her online dating profile.

However, she gets more than she bargained for when her enthusiastic new beau whisks her off on a weekend Alaskan adventure.

by Maureen Paraventi directed by Meg Berger featuring Thomas Schultz & John Tonkovich Frustrated writer Alan and aspiring actor Victor compete over which one has it tougher as an artist seeking success and recognition.

The competition ratchets up and nearly splits the two roommates apart - until a romantic disappointment gives them a whole different perspective on rejection.

by Dave Haddad directed by Laurie Smalis featuring Tony Targan & Heather Hudson Middle aged man with acrophobia encounters a free spirited young woman while hiking in the grand canyon.The corpse was badly decomposed, although the pathologist who examined Fleszar's remains was able to determine the young woman had been stabbed approximately 30 times in the chest and abdomen with a knife or other sharp object, that her feet had been severed just above the ankle, the thumb and sections of the fingers of one hand were missing, and that one forearm had been severed from her body (these severed appendages were never found).Despite the advanced state of decomposition, the pathologist was also able to locate multiple lineal abrasions upon the victim's chest and torso, indicating that Fleszar had been extensively beaten before her death.This individual had asked for permission to take a photograph of the body as it lay in the coffin as a keepsake for her parents.

When informed his request was impossible, Sternly informed a second time he would not be allowed to view the body, the young man had wordlessly exited the funeral home.

This neighbor twice observed a young man in a blue-grey Chevrolet slow to a halt beside Fleszar and begin talking to her: each time, Fleszar had shook her head and walked away from the car.

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