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During the Roman period, Patara was the judicial seat of the Roman governor, and the city became the capital of both the Lycian and Pamphylian provinces at one time.

Patara was frequently called "the chosen city" and "the metropolis of the Lycian nation." This was made apparent from excavations of the 2nd century BC, in the inscriptions on the monument built in honor of one of the first general governors, C. Around 138 BC Patara had a population of about 20,000 and ranked among the top cities of Anatolia after Ephesus.

List of birds spotted in Patara Patara was a very wealthy city due to trade and was one of the six principal cities of Lycia.

Patara’s oracle at the renown temple of Apollo (not yet found) was said to rival that at Delphi and the temple equaled the reputation of the famous temple on the island of Delos.

It has rows of stone seats arranged in a semicircle, the same arrangement used in the chambers of the American Congress.

Its stone-vaulted main entrances are intact, and so is the thronelike perch where the elected Lyciarch, the effective president of the League, sat.

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In Christian history Patara is famous for being a place of St.

Eventually, with too little manpower to keep the sand out of the harbor, it silted up, became plagued with mosquitoes and malaria and that finished it off.

Much of Patara remains undiscovered, buried in the shifting sand, including the famous Temple of Apollo.

They give one access to the entire national park - the ruins and the beach.

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However, some very exciting excavations have been going on revealing many structures previously hidden by the dunes.

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