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13-Oct-2019 16:39

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When that happens his laid back attitude will disappear. This means that your shy Taurus lover will become super protective of you.He would stare down any guy who even looks your way in a menacing way.Like everything else in his life, he’s very careful in choosing his lady love.But when he has made his decision there is no one as passionate a lover as a Taurean.If you don’t work on developing your taste, you might lose him. If you are serious about this man then you better start getting your act together.Dating a Taurean is one of the best romantic experiences you will ever have.

After all, his ruling planet is Venus, the goddess of love. That is the beauty of being in love with a Taurus man.

These people find comfort in the confines of their homes. He can’t be with someone who isn’t planning long term.

The day he told you he loves you he started planning for a future. He might seem lazy but you couldn’t be more wrong about him.

You might even see one of his rare outbursts if someone tries to mess with you.

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It sounds really nice but might put you in many embarrassing situations. Even when he’s trying to court you (something he rarely does), he will be loyal to you.The Taurus man’s romance style can put many Libra men to shame.

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