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08-Oct-2020 10:21

We use the visitor information provided by Lead Feeder to determine if we are reaching the industries we most want to reach.

It's also great that Lead Feeder provides some contact information for the visitors on our site.

I strongly recommend Leadfeeder as the best monitoring software on the market.

They also have a very friendly and competent customer service.

There are different games and “apps” models can set up to reward tippers.

Public shows are the norm here, with only the occasional private meaning you can see pretty much everything for free if you’re a total tightwad.

Especially when filtering out information we do not want to see or pay for as a lead.

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Leadfeeder shows me which pages on my website were visited, how long, plus the lead contact of the visitor.There is absolutely no point in us paying more fro the service as we make no money from it, but I wish I could see all, not just 1/3 of the firms visiting us. Most people coming to our website are looking for information, not really to buy something.