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If that someone you’re spending lots of time with is not good for you, stop spending time with them! Uphold value of other person as a whole not object (is a person’s value only sex? Developing most important loves first: self giving love (agape), friendship & affection. Avoid TV shows, movies, magazines, music, clothing, etc. I’m treating you like the fallen human being that you are.

Is he/she a hard-worker or gives up on school or work easily? Remember: YOU WILL CHANGE AND BE MORE LIKE THAT PERSON…IS THIS FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE? You don’t fall in love just by chance, you allow yourself to come to love someone. Do not look for ‘romantic’ love, or love at first sight, which is based on feelings only NOW: Steps in Dating f. You must be convinced mind & heart of chastity’s benefits, which are… Safeguard relationship w God Who is our source of happiness & only way to salvation ii. Living up to your own human dignity as a person created in Image & Likeness of God – live by reason unlike animals iv. Includes what you watch, how you guard your eyes, modesty, etc i. Well then you would know that you are fallen and are always alert, watching out for and not nearing temptation, right? I’ve heard of priests tell me that they’ve not just come across one but several “good” Catholics who told them “but we were just praying the Rosary, Father, and then…” Don’t be arrogant!! I’ve lived this…it’s not only not impossible (nothing is impossible with God) but it is freeing! not to mention temptation, this could give scandal Mt 18: 6,7 woe to he who causes scandal, leads astray ii.

SNEAK PEAK: Healthy Dating & Relationship Tips Proposed Table of Contents Introduction To Relationships Back to Basics: Body Language Briefing ABC’s of Healthy, Happy Relationships ABC’s of Unhealthy, Sad Relationships Dating & Relationship Resources Dating & Relationship Tips Online Dating Lowdown on Long ...

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Does not have bad habits such as any forms of addiction vi. that influences you against your desire to be chaste (chastity isn’t just about sex). How to Date: Respectfully and Taking Precautions a.

DATE WITH BLINDERS, narrow your field of vision to only that which is in your path to getting closer to God & Heaven. “Why tie one hand behind your back when pursuing ultimate goal, eternal life?