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It’s Just Lunch offers clients a chance to get acquainted over lunch.

The firm does all the work, making reservations, clearing the matches with customers.

His answer; not long on the site, he had recently broken up, after a long term relationship. He agrees to think of a location and what shoes I should wear. This is a little exciting, a mystery date, I like it. They suggest; make sure my phone is charged, take a torch and some kind of a weapon. That should do the trick and my Swiss Army Knife for good measure.

He was looking to meet someone new, with the view of a long term commitment. A text, comes through, with our rendezvous, complete with a map! Problem is my nails are always too long, to get the bloody knife out of the slot and by the time I fiddle around with it, he may have already hit me over the head and thrown my body into the river!

The Irish Guy had ruined me for any more dates for a while.He asks if I can bring a knife, already packed I joke, for protection. My trusty Swiss Army knife, already tucked away in my bag.I arrive at the park by the river, slightly earlier but only by minutes than scheduled.I draped it over the wall, by the water's edge, sat and watched the ferries go by, with the warm, afternoon, summer breeze, coming off the river.

Taking a big sigh, I thought to myself, this is nice, great location, the phone rang. We had made jokes earlier in the day about meeting in a park that had children's play equipment.

At least, I thought, he is capable of holding down a long term relationship. He calls, about a half hour before our agreed time, to make sure I was still going to meet up and what type of wine I liked.

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