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09-Sep-2020 19:18

A few years ago, a sex tourist by the name of Roosh V (his real name) visited Estonia as part of his ‘bang’ series of books.

In it, Mr V., an American, would visit various countries in Europe and go ‘bang’.

Parks on the other hand are not a suitable locale for your amorous enterprises. Let’s dispel another old wives’ tale while we’re on — they won’t be impressed by you speaking Estonian, you just end up sounding like a dick. Due to the Calvinist doctrine of the predestination of the elect, you were foreordained by God to pull the precise number of women that you are ever going to pull.

Simplified map of the various, only semi- mutually-intelligible dialects in Estonian. Nothing you can do will make the slightest difference to that.15.

Libraries in particular are noted for their barely-concealed atmosphere of suppressed sexual yearnings.

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Things didn’t go especially well for Roosh V in the Baltic states in particular.You don’t need to settle on Potter Heigham every time.8.