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In his later years, he was often accompanied on his painting trips into the Ottawa Valley region, the Gatineau Hills, the Lievre River Valley and Ripond by friend, painter and former student Ralph Wallace Burton, and fellow painters Maurice Haycock and Stuart D. Mac Donald, who “visualized a Canadian school of painting and devoted his life to the realization of it”.[20] In 1964, Jackson submitted his own design during the Great Flag Debate.

Helmsley.[17][18] One such venture almost ended in disaster: “[I]n the 1950s, when Ralph and A. were painting on the banks of the Ottawa River at Deux Rivieres, a bullet ricocheted off a rock where Jackson was sitting.”[17] In 1958, he published A Painter’s Country,[19] an autobiography dedicated to the memory of Group of Seven member J. It was similar in design to the Pearson Pennant.[21] In 1965, Jackson had a serious stroke that put an end to his painting career.

From this period date the Neo-Impressionist Sand dunes at Cucq[4] and Autumn in Picardy,[5] which was bought by the National Gallery of Canada the following year. Mac Donald inquired about The Edge of Maple Wood, which he had seen at a Toronto art show, informing Jackson that Toronto artist Lawren Harris wanted to purchase the painting if he still owned it. James Mac Callum convinced Jackson to relocate to Toronto by offering to buy enough of his paintings for one year to guarantee him a living income.[6]:24 He moved into the Studio Building which was financed by Lawren Harris, heir to the Massey-Harris farm machinery fortune, and Dr. Harris, overseeing construction of the building, was too busy to concentrate on his own artistic endeavours and loaned his own studio space, over the Commerce Bank branch at the northwest corner of Yonge and Bloor streets, to the newly arrived Montrealer, A. Jackson was a welcome addition to the Toronto art scene, having traveled in Europe and bringing with him a respected – though as yet not particularly successful – talent.

Professional career When Jackson returned to Canada, he settled in Sweetsburg, Quebec, where he began painting works such as the Neo-Impressionist “The Edge of Maple Wood”. After the purchase, Jackson struck up a correspondence with the two Toronto artists, often debating on topics related to Canadian art. The canvas taking shape while he waited to move into the Studio Building, Terre Sauvage, became one of his most famous.

In addition to his work with the Group of Seven, his long career included serving as a war artist during World War I (1917–19) and teaching at the Banff School of Fine Arts, from 1943 to 1949.

In his later years he was artist-in-residence at the Mc Michael Gallery in Kleinberg, Ontario.[1][2] Early life and training As a young boy, Jackson worked as an office boy for a lithograph company, after his father abandoned his family of six children.

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Jackson made a significant contribution to the development of art in Canada, and was successful in bringing together the artists of Montreal and Toronto.[1] He exhibited with the Group of Seven from 1920.An avid outdoorsman, Jackson became good friends with Tom Thomson, and the duo often fished and sketched together, beginning with a trip to Algonquin Park in fall 1914.[6]:25 Inspired by Thomson, Jackson and the other painters who would one day be known as the Group of Seven undertook trips to Algonquin Park, Georgian Bay, Algoma and the North Shore.

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