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(See: Relationship communication for relationship help)20. Perceived lack of concern, care and consideration/attentiveness…

feeling like the relationship is one-sided is a big one!

Problematic physical relationship Sexual problems, particularly loss of libido (male and female) and uncertainty about your- or your partner’s sexuality – could he or she be bisexual? Significant differences– in core values and beliefs (see: Relationship compatibility questions).4.

Life stages– you’ve outgrown each other or have changed significantly for whatever reason5.

I want to be upfront with you…I recommend only carefully chosen resources/products.

If you buy something through one of the links, I may earn a commission at NO extra cost to you. Relationship help for your particular relationship issues Each entry in the list with common relationship problems on this page has a link to an in-depth article about that particular issue.

A marriage or partnership can also become troubled if you either misuse or do not maximise your natural resources.

A close couple relationship – so longed for and yet so often bafflingly difficult to achieve and maintain! This includes emotional infidelity, one-night stands, internet relationships (including sexting), long- and short-term affairs and financial infidelity.2.

Long-term depression or other mental health issuessuffered by one partner – or both (see: Treating depression without medication and Signs and symptoms of a nervous breakdown).23.

Significant differences with regards to raising the children See: How Divorce Affects Children and Children in the Middle for relationship help.24.

Follow the link to the page you’re most interested in for help on how to deal with your particular relationship issue.

Would you rather chat with a professional in confidence now?Lack of responsibility from one partner– regarding finances, children, health and many other issues (see: Children in the middle).13.

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