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In the event an item is removed, it may be considered as the first scheduled item in the agenda under Old or New Business. Approve Check Disbursement Report For Checks Issued By The City Of Healdsburg During The Month Of April 2014 (Administrative Services Department) Documents: CHECK DISBURSEMENT REPORT. CITY OF HEALDSBURG CITY COUNCIL SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES MAY 5, 2014 Healdsburg City Hall Council Chamber 401 Grove Street, Healdsburg Present: Councilmembers: Chambers, Jones, Mc Caffery, and Mayor Wood Absent: Councilmembers: Plass CALL TO ORDER Mayor Wood called to order the special meeting of the City Council of the City of Healdsburg at P. APPROVAL OF AGENDA The agenda was approved as submitted by unanimous consensus of the Councilmembers present with Councilmember Plass noted as absent. CLOSED SESSION The City Council recessed to the conference room to meet in closed session to discuss the following: A.

Members from the public wishing to speak on a Consent Agenda item should notify the Mayor during Public Comments. Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6 - Conference with Labor Negotiator Agency Negotiator: Employee Organizations: Assistant City Manager Mickaelian HPOA, IAFF, IBEW, and Mid-Management/Professional B.

Consider Adopting Resolution Amending The City Council’s Protocols And Procedures To Address Public Comment (City Attorney Warner) Documents: RESOLUTION AMENDING THE CITY COUNCIL’S PROTOCOLS AND PROCEDURES. CITY OF HEALDSBURG CITY COUNCIL/REDEVELOPMENT SUCCESSOR AGENCY REGULAR MEETING AGENDA City Hall Council Chamber 401 Grove Street Phone: 431-3317 1. A Councilmember, staff or the public may request that an item be removed from the Consent Calendar and action taken separately.

ADA Accessibility And Sidewalk Improvements Consider adopting resolution conditionally awarding the 2014 ADA Accessibility and Sidewalk Improvements bid to Coastside Concrete in the amount of ,200 (Utility Documents: RESOLUTION AMENDING THE CITY COUNCIL’S PROTOCOLS AND PROCEDURES. Please contact Maria Curiel, City Clerk, at Healdsburg City Hall, 401 Grove Street, Healdsburg, California, 431-3317, at least 72 hours prior to the meeting, to ensure the necessary accommodations are made. Speakers are encouraged to limit their comments to 5 minutes maximum so that all speakers have an opportunity to address the City Council/RSA Board. CONSENT CALENDAR – The following items listed on the Consent Calendar are considered routine and action will be taken by the City Council/RSA Board by a single motion.

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Tele Chat is a FREE and very discreet way to instantly connect with exciting people in your region 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Adopt Resolution Finding The Continued Existence Of A Local Emergency Related To The Ongoing Regional And Statewide Drought Conditions (Utilities Department) Documents: RESOLUTION FINDING THE CONTINUED EXISTENCE OF A LOCAL EMERGENCY. Adopt a resolution accepting the dedication of public right of way for Rosewood Drive over a portion of the 120 Parkland Farms Boulevard property (APN 091-040-111) and authorize the City Clerk to certify its acceptance (Utility Department) 7. Consider adopting resolution conditionally awarding the 2014 Pavement Rehabilitation bid to California Pavement Maintenance Company, Inc.

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Pieces of fossilized wood in Oligocene, Eocene, Cretaceous, Jurassic, Triassic, and Permian rock layers supposedly 32–250 million years old all contain measurable radiocarbon, equivalent to “ages” of 20,700 to 44,700 years (Figures 3–5).5 6 7 8 9 10 11 (Creation geologists believe that with careful recalibration, even these extremely “young” time periods would be fewer than 10,000 years.) Similarly, carefully sampled pieces of coal from ten U. coal beds, ranging from Eocene to Pennsylvanian and supposedly 40–320 million years old, all contained similar radiocarbon levels equivalent to “ages” of 48,000 to 50,000 years.12 Even fossilized ammonite shells found alongside fossilized wood in a Cretaceous layer, supposedly 112–120 million years old, contained measurable radiocarbon equivalent to “ages” of 36,400 to 48,710 years (Figure 5).13 Photo courtesy of Dr.… continue reading »

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