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Hodgins tells them to look for a motorcycle helmet with red sparkles. Back at the alley, Max tells Bones the shoe attendant rides a motorcycle.Sure enough, Bones spots the man's red helmet and uses her pen light to discover traces of blood."Jeff got what he deserved and so does anyone else who cheats," the Raven says.Max then reveals Jeff super-glued the Raven's fingers into his bowling ball a few years back.Back at the Jeffersonian, Hodgins discovers the victim had a broken nose and was dead before he was ground up in the pin machine. They discover that Jeff's nose was broken so hard it dislodged pieces of his skull. One bowling montage later, the team loses and Amber takes all its members to task.Max, meanwhile, notices Bones and Booth playing the "happy couple" and grins. She screams at him that her water broke and to get the car. Booth rolls a strike, then is informed by Alison that Blake is a car thief and compulsive joy rider. Bones is then caught examining Blake's bag with an ultraviolet pen light, looking for evidence.A shocked Bones calls her a terrible child and swears that if she and Booth ever have kids they won't end up like Amber.Back in the delivery room, Angela continues through her labor. Bones then visits a worn-out Angela and gives her friend a stuffed bunny as a gift.

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At the diner, Hodgins and Angela are having lunch and discussing the impending birth of their baby who might be born blind.

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