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22-Nov-2019 12:21

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He confirmed that the romance is long over but they are determined to remain friends.

Game says, he will always be fond of his ex and claims the romance was doomed because he and Mya are celebrities.

He says, "Dating a celebrity has its ups and downs.

In 2015, there was speculation that Moore was secretly married and was hiding the identity of her “husband” from her fans.

So Moore continues to give her all to basketball both on and off the court.

Nice a*s but it all goes to hell once u pass her waist... I would smash but thats it Give me Jada anyday over those two bi*ches...

She is up there among the best basketball players in the world, and that doesn’t happen unless you work hard and are totally devoted to what you do.

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Moore has been keeping busy with her training schedules and games to have a personal life, according to her.This could be what prompted her to speak up and clear the air to make it clear that she was not married, secretly or otherwise, and called this rumor nothing but meaningless gossip.

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