Geek dating app

03-Dec-2019 18:37

Maybe you’d love to engage in some light cosplay instead or play your favorite video games together?

It’s often difficult to meet people with similar geeky interests on regular dating websites and apps like Tinder.

People who aren’t shy to let other members know about their particular quirks.

The membership is free but of course you’ll have to pay for certain privileges and VIP options.

If you’re looking for someone to discuss every event in the Marvel universe and every episode of “Westworld”, you might need the help of dating apps and services that take your interests into account.

This app is great for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a profile for yet another social media website.

By selecting a good and visible image of you from Facebook, Cuddli allows you to skip a dozen steps and start browsing for your romantic partner.

It’s also the world’s most geeky dating app, created specifically for the geek community.

Does your idea of a perfect date involve watching the new Marvel or Star Wars movie when it comes out?That said, there are occasional bugs which can make the app frustrating.