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As a result, Marie had to undergo a full 4 hours of makeup application each day on the set, simply so she could appear older than she truly was.What not all fans of the film or Marie may know is that the decision to cast Marie came from someone genuinely integral to the story of .Her skill eventually led to a part in a Japanese musical when she was 19—specifically, in Ryuichi Sakamoto’s , but certainly not to anonymity.She landed another dancing after a choreographer saw her dancing in a club.

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Interestingly enough, the age gap between Marie and Lopez was so small that it would show clearly on camera: Lopez was a mere 4 years younger than the actress playing her mother.Constance Marie grew up in East Los Angeles, California to a third generation Mexican-American family that moved from apartment to apartment. While in her teens she had a passion for dancing and by age 19 she was tapped to dance in a musical called "Cosmopolis" by famed composer Ryuichi Sakamoto in Japan.