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I always thought it was the festival scene, or the energy and the crowd combined with a lot of drinking. So to suddenly not have that all be there, I didn’t know how that was going to feel until I actually did it. But I think at that point, it was a crazy record to make and was worth it.But there’s a very specific connectivity I’ve been exploring with the audience. At first, it started out at as a Nocturnals record, and over the course of a year and a half making it, things just shook loose from under me and I had to hold myself accountable for that and take responsibility.She took part in the college-residency program Governors Institute for the Arts before attending St. While in college, Potter met drummer Matt Burr at an open-mic performance and the two started to see each other romantically.Joined by bassist Courtright Beard and guitarist Scott Tournet, they would form the Nocturnals, named in honor of the late hour at which the musicians practiced.

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Potter also performed in regional theater festivals, starring in productions like The Pirates of Penzance and Cabaret.So that definitely happened and it took a few months for people to actually wrap their heads around it. AC: I once read your favorite artists are Madonna and David Bowie.