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"Following the fall of Judah, there was a large gap in production of Hebrew inscriptions until the second century BCE, the next period with evidence for widespread literacy.This reduces the odds for a compilation of substantial Biblical literature in Jerusalem between ca.And what were the literacy rates later on, under Persian rule?

The new testament reveal the way for the slavation and important prophecies for the end time which are in full harmony with those from the old testament."Through probability analysis, we eliminated the likelihood that the texts were written by a single author." The inscriptions found at Arad consisted of instructions for troop movements and the registration of expenses for food.The tone and nature of the commands precluded the role of professional scribes.A new Tel Aviv University study published today in PNAS suggests that widespread literacy was required for this massive undertaking and provides empirical evidence of that literacy in the final days of the Kingdom of Judah.

A profusion of literate individuals in Judah may have set the stage for the compilation of biblical works that constitute the basis of Judahite history and theology, such as the early version of the books of Deuteronomy to Second Kings, according to the researchers.

"There's a heated discussion regarding the timing of the composition of a critical mass of biblical texts," said Prof.