Herpes dating stories

14-Jun-2020 12:20

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more black women dating white

It made me feel normal and that I was just unlucky to get symptoms. I was quite upset by the diagnosis and worried about telling my boyfriend. He was just upset that I was in pain and felt bad that maybe he might have contributed to it.

There was no way of knowing who I had contracted it from as it can lie dormant but my partner occasionally suffered from cold sores so I did wonder if I had got it from oral sex. A week later we were in Waitrose when I got the call from the sexual health clinic – they confirmed that I had HSV type 1.

I am no longer with my boyfriend, I’ve had a few relationships since then however I’ve never felt compelled to tell a new partner about it.

I can remember some of them were quite shocked about it which I found a bit strange.

Contracting this STI can certainly change your dating life.