Is dating friends a good idea

13-Nov-2019 19:26

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As you look for a lasting romantic partner, it’s a good idea to take a moment and think about how important it is for a new partner to have solid friendships. Why do you think the presence or absence of friends in your date’s life matters?Someone who doesn’t have close friends typically won’t be able to have a smooth and lasting romantic relationship. If you’re like most people, you have relationships where the other person sometimes annoys you, or the two of you have the occasional argument.When people feel too close, they often feel trapped and then start acting out in ways that often cause the relationship to end.Someone who doesn’t have close friends may not need people in their life the way you do.Your male best friend is someone you feel comfortable around, someone who knows the real you.

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Do you really want to date someone who hasn’t had many relationships – friendships or otherwise – that taught them important lessons about how to get along with others?

If you try to date someone who doesn’t have close friends, the person probably won’t have as much social experience as you, and your date may have a hard time communicating or expressing himself or herself.

Do they not have friends because they are selfish and don’t want to be weighed down by attachments? (Note that some men and women may be fairly asocial, meaning that they are kind and functional people who prefer to stick to themselves.) Someone who doesn’t have close friends may not blend well with your friends and family.

An obvious benefit of having friendships is that you learn how to get along with different types of people.

Someone who doesn’t have close friends may depend on you too much or become codependent.

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