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22-Jun-2020 16:10

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It has been rumored for years now that there were still Jennifer Lawrence nude photos and sex tapes yet to be released, and with the video clips above and photo below recently being posted online these rumors appear to have been proven true.

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Defend her all you like and say “Oh its not her” when clearly her past actions and words prove she is a bigot. And it isn’t just about white-washing the character, either.

Just shows that they must put on LAYERS of makeup on her face on the red carpet to make it look like she even has eyes Oh my god THANK you ! (Via) fan, and I could write a whole thesis on why I hate that JLaw plays Katniss.

(Via)I will admit that most of my dislike for Jennifer Lawrence is her off-camera persona.

I know everyone thinks she’s so cool and real and “fresh” because she says wacky things like how she loves to eat and drink and throw up at Oscar parties.

As you can see by comparing this new pic to the one above from Jennifer’s 23rd birthday; over the past 5 years her lady lips have certainly taken a beating and ..