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They discuss Pete and Ariana, who I care very little about. Then they further doomed themselves by getting matching tattoos and naming songs after each other, etc.-Vanessa thinks maybe they're just taking a step back because they're in the public eye, but not fully broken up.-They get an email from Lavender who doesn't know how to approach people she's interested in. They tell her she'll find someone when the time is right and to stop stressing. What does Vanessa report back about Blake and Kristina? First he refused to refer to them by name ("a certain runner-up and a foreigner").Vanessa says she should throw out the timeline (I agree! Then he pushed Vanessa to comment about whether "sparks were flying" between them, when she obviously didn't want to talk about it. -Vanessa is in studio for the first time in a while.

Vanessa thought it was a cool experience to actually chat with the people at her table.The book is based on Lucy, who was Ashley’s dog up until 2016 when he passed away and Clark was Jared’s dog who lives with his parents since he moved to LA. 🐶📚 Lucy and Clark: A Story of Puppy Love is loosely based on our love story.It’s a tale of overcoming your fears and discovering the magic that happens when you force yourself out of your comfort zone.He and Vanessa met up over the weekend and talked about nationality.-Humans and bananas share 66% of their DNA.

There's a new podcast about 23andme.-Vanessa's love life 'doesn't exist' according to her.-She went to a wedding recently - a couple from Big Brother.Probably shouldn't have brought it up at all (it's not a Bachelor "news" podcast like ' Almost Famous'), but, since he did, the classy thing to do would have been to say something acknowledging that he's curious about his ex moving on (who isn't? As it is, he seemed to be fishing for Vanessa to reveal something they obviously want to keep private or pushing for her to reveal that people are making more out of the relationship than it is.