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08-May-2020 02:00

Its citizens exhibit a great joie de vivre that is demonstrated in a penchant for art and culture and a high level of intellectual vitality and political awareness.Crowds throng to Kolkata’s book fairs, art exhibitions, and concerts, and there is a lively trading of polemics on walls, which has led to Kolkata being dubbed the “city of posters.” Yet for all of Kolkata’s vitality, many of the city’s residents live in some of the worst conditions, far removed from the cultural milieu.Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.

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This large and vibrant Indian city thrives amid seemingly insurmountable economic, social, and political problems. Mere har khayish apk liye hokum hogo and uska liya aap muja bhot pyar karanga.