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Some of the best authentic Thai food can be found at the local food markets.Chao Fa Pier night food market is a good bet, as well as the larger night markets that take over whole streets from dusk.FACTFILE HISTORY: Pronounced ‘Gra-bee’, this small town is located 900 kilometers and 90 minutes by air from Bangkok.There are 132 pristine and untouched islands of all shapes and sizes surrounding Krabi.If you have a craving for some ice cream, pay a visit to Swenson’s, located here as well!And if you are going out by night, around the Maharaj Road are some well-known places for some late night fun and games in the town.If you are missing the flavor of your home country and need a little comfort food, there are a few restaurants in the town that offer western food. These are usually owned and run by ex pats so the food is excellent.

In the town itself there aren’t a lot of activities apart from shopping and eating.These two dog-ear shaped rocks, about 100 meters high, are separated by the Krabi River and form the town’s most prominent landmark.Skeletons of human descent were discovered in Krabi, dating back some 43,000 years, making them some of the oldest ever found.If you are up for shopping, there are loads of interesting places to spend a few Thai Baht; take some time out and wander aimlessly throughout the smaller side streets (Soi) off Maharaj central road and you will be amazed at what you may come across.

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Traditional, handmade jewelry and crafts, beautiful silk garments tailor made for you, gems, pottery, antiques, wonderful wooden furniture and plants can all be found here, usually in a non descript shop with the craftsperson working away.This is the best ‘fast food’ you will ever have, and is usually served at the same time you take your seat.